Hiking in Hollywood Hills

When it comes to fitness, there is nothing I hate more than performing the same exercise day after day, mindlessly going through the motions, while counting down until it’s all over and you can go home:) Been there, done that, and gave up after two months because well…, there is only so much mind-numbing boredom one can take! It’s not that I think workouts should be nothing but fun, because I do believe in the “No Pain, No Gain” motto, but do they really have to be that dull? Well, I don’t believe they should!

When it’s all said and done, the key to getting or staying fit is consistency and from my experience, in order to be consistent with your workouts, you must find what works best for you and also think outside the box! You may not love spending an hour at the gym every day, but than again who said that’s the only way to get in shape? There are all kinds of wonderful activities like hiking, biking, swimming and dancing which will not only get you fit but are also super fun to do! 
Currently, to keep myself from falling into a workout rut, I alternate between hiking, biking, running and swimming. I try to do something everyday, generally aiming for about an hour to an hour and a half of physical activity a day. 
Though I certainly enjoy all of the above activities, hiking is probably one of my favorites at the moment! I found a new hiking trail a few months ago and haven’t looked back since! Serene and beautiful, it takes me about an hour and a half to complete and though I have to admit it was quite challenging at first, now that I’ve gotten used to it a bit, I can’t imagine my mornings without it:) 
Last but not least, fitness gear! Sure, a cute new workout outfit is a great motivator! But of course sartorial splendor is not the only benefit of the right workout clothes! My big three is comfort, breathability and movability. When I work out I want to forget what I’m wearing and concentrate on what it is I am actually doing!:) My all time favorite combo is cropped leggings, a good sports bra and a jacket I can easily slip on or off! Today I am sporting my new favorites from Express EXP Core collection. Don’t suppose I have to explain why I am obsessed with these leggings… but if I must, love the balance between sexy and functional! Oh and the sports bra! How cute are those printed straps on the back! A little detail goes a long way, doesn’t it? Last but not least is the jacket! I love mesh detail on workout clothing because as you know, I’m a big believer in cute details in general, but also because it functions so well to keep you nice and cool! Basically a win, win kinda situation!:) 
What about you guys, what are some of your favorite workouts? 
EXPRESS Black EXP Core sports bra with print straps, EXP Core mesh insert legging & piped EXP Core zip-up jacket | NIKE Free 5.0 TR mesh and neoprene sneakers 
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