Skincare For the Girl on The Go

I remember receiving my first gift from a beauty brand when I had just launched the Caviar & Cashmere blog. It was 2012 and one of my favorite brands sent me a gigantic box of their skincare products, and an invitation to receive a facial with these products at a nice hotel in Los Angeles. I was really excited to receive such a generous gift, but I was also really overwhelmed. The box contained ten skincare products. They were beautifully packaged and looked great on my vanity, but the reality was, I had no idea how to use them. The vague product names didn’t help, and there was no manual or instructions as to how I would go about incorporating these ten things into my daily routine.

This pit in my stomach would grow every time I would receive gifts from brands, or go to the department store to purchase skincare products. There were so many brands and products out there, and over the years, more would pop up, and it was as if they were all competing to see how many steps they could convince women to do every day. I swear, I saw an online ad for a Korean skincare line that was marketing a thirty step routine. Thirty.

Cut to 2018, when I finally realized, after all the years testing and trying various skincare products, I never found a brand that had a streamlined routine that actually worked.

That is one of the reasons I started Caviar & Cashmere Skincare. I wanted to streamline the skincare process, cutting out unnecessary steps in the daily skincare routine, simplifying it and making products that were not only straightforward, but most importantly efficacious. I believed you did not need ten-plus steps and to spend an hour on your skincare every morning and every night. Who has time for that?

Caviar & Cashmere Skincare has totally streamlined the skincare routine, with products formulated to be multi correctional and mutli tasking, meaning, the ingredients in our products work together to combat a variety of common skincare concerns and can be used both day and night. The perfect routine for the busy girl on the go.

Now, let’s talk about what the Caviar & Cashmere Skincare routine looks like and how to take care of your skin in less than ten minutes.

Step 1 – Two Minutes to Cleanse


The Clarifying Cleanser is a gel which lathers into a micro-foam to lift away dirt, oil, and impurities for a smoother and clearer complexion. I use it both morning and night, as it takes off makeup well without over-drying.

The Clarifying Cleanser contains White Willow Bark, a natural source of Salicylic Acid, which deeply penetrates the pores to gently exfoliate congested skin, helping avoid breakouts. Witch Hazel, Calendula Extract and Tea Tree Oil help in clarifying and soothing skin to encourage healing, reduce redness and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. The cleanser effectively cleans the skin without ever over-stripping your important natural oils like a lot of face washes do. This formula is gentle enough for even the most delicate and sensitive skin, leaving your face feeling smooth, refreshed, and hydrated.

Step 2: Three Minutes to Protect & Repair


The Regenerating Serum, the second step in the CC Three that comes right after cleansing, effectively combats daily UV damage by neutralizing free radicals and environmental stressors, all while preventing the breakdown of collagen which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to even out skin tone and lessen the appearance of dark spots we oftentimes get from the sun or blemishes. 

Age-defying antioxidants, including the highest clinically-tested percentage of stable Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, Emblica, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5, unite to deliver your skin ultimate hydration while simultaneously lessening the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. An extra beneficial ingredient is skin brightener, which gives your skin intense hydration and a noticeable luminous glow. 

I suggest only using a pea-size amount, as a little goes a long way. You can focus applying the product to your forehead, cheeks, and chin, and can apply twice a day.

Step 3: Four Minutes to Moisturize


The third step is my favorite, the application of the super luxurious and rich HydraLuxe Creme. This is a lightweight moisturizer for all skin types, which has been formulated with multifunctional ingredients to nourish, protect and deeply hydrate the skin while improving the appearance of skin tone, texture and radiance. 

While applying, I give myself a little three-to-four minute massage which helps the product absorb, as well as aids in fighting puffiness. Check out my post on how to give yourself a facial massage here.

Antioxidants Vitamin E, Emblica, and Ergothioneine give daily protection from UV radiation while helping to repair free radical damage and collagen breakdown in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 provide optimal hydration to help restore and maintain moisture all day long. This advanced moisturizer is the perfect product for anyone looking to improve skin hydration, smoothness and plumpness, while providing essential daily antioxidant protection. It also works perfectly for a makeup primer and can be used day and night.

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