Tips on Visiting Luxury Cottages in Scotland

Among the most magnificent cities in Europe is Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, an attraction for millions of tourists. Unfortunately, as is true for the classic traveler new to any destination throughout the world, we tend to travel with a variety of misconceptions that often lead to moments fraught with embarrassment. These moments can be met with either humor from the locals, or can be viewed as you’re yet another annoying tourist.

It is always wise whether you be a seasoned traveler or a novice just beginning your journey around the globe to research not only the best places to stay, e.g., but key facts about your destination. The more you find out, the less you’ll stand out as someone on tour from another country.

Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting Scotland

For you to achieve a smooth encounter in the Scottish culture, it’s handy to learn a few tips and tricks. A little helpful information can save a lot of embarrassment and potential irritation with a local.

  • Don’t rub Greyfriars Bobby’s nose. Skye terrier, Greyfriars Bobby, was intensely loyal to his owner. After his passing, the pup sat by the grave for 14 years waiting for him. Erection of a statue took place outside Greyfriars Kirk to memorialize this loyalty along with the heart-warming story. Shortly after, a myth began to circulate that by rubbing the dog’s nose, good luck would come to that person. The locals know this to be false, and it frustrates them when tourists engage in the activity because it is causing the bronze to wear on the statue.
  • Barkeeps and locals take notice if you order a single malt whiskey on the rocks (or even worse with coke). The Scots have pride in their whiskey with expertise spanning generations. A ‘complex tipple’ requires years of aging, with results that are comparable to any French wine. Ordering a whiskey with ice or any mix will be met with advice to try it neat as is meant or with perhaps a splash of water. Putting a mix of coke is met with great discernment.
  • Do not just carry an umbrella on your trip to Scotland but instead bring a rain jacket with a hood as well. In addition, it is bad manners to complain about the inclement weather. Scotland is so beautiful and green because it rains considerably. The rain leaves the landscape vibrant and lush throughout the entire year, including the winter months, when everything is cold and dead in other areas. So have the preparation that it will be raining and that an umbrella will not suffice alone due to the wind gusts. 

A suggestion with this climate is always dressing in layers as there are days when you can experience all four seasons in a matter of hours. There is a love in Scotland for the saying ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.’ You should be prepared for anything.

  • When visiting, understand that there is so much more to see than just the typical ‘bucket list’ tourist attraction sites such as the Loch Ness, Edinburgh, or the Isle of Skye. Each of these is, of course, beautiful in their own right, but Scotland has so many magnificent points of interest. They would be lost on you if you were to only take in the typical. The reason to research before taking a trip of this sort is to find the places that are off the beaten path so that you can see what is atypical for your own amazement.
  • Throughout Scotland, particularly within rural areas, if you go past another person without acknowledging them, you deem to be rude. It is customary to pass by with a ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ or a small bit of conversation concerning the weather. The notion is most Scots tend towards the quiet side in the beginning but open up after a while, particularly once having their whiskey. If you planning a trip follow this link for helpful advice.

Scotland boasts as among the most welcoming of nations with much hospitality for those who choose to visit. Armed with useful tips to ensure a healthy cultural experience, tourists can blend in the surroundings with no worry of annoying their new local friends.

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