Transforming Premium Activewear

Ultracor is revolutionizing the way activewear is made and has attracted a cult-like following including several celebrity fans such as Jessica Alba and Emma Roberts, just to name a few. This LA-based company fused fashion, performance, shapewear, and technology to form a line that’s willing to give you the highest quality fit all while looking the utmost flattering. According to Ultracor, “you shouldn’t have to choose between fashion and performance.”

The company was created in 2014 by co-founders Asha Kai and Michael Ball who saw a clear marketing gap that influenced them to create their line. The athletic apparel industry was missing a premium performance-based option with fashion at its core. The competitors either focused on fashion or performance leaving customers to sacrifice one or the other. So, why not start a company that offered both? Another item they saw lacking in the market was quality leggings. Activewear leggings tended to be poor fitting, unflattering, and, in general, lacked creativity in their designs. To them, something needed to change in the industry. Ultracor uses its own patented production, which is a key feature in creating its cutting-edge designs. They digitally print all of their designs on their signature proprietary fabric. The fabric does two jobs of compression and moisture wicking. The company’s use of lasercut precision makes for an edgy, yet sporty definitive statement. They pull inspiration from “anything and everything, high fashion, streetwear, technology, and sports,” said the company, “Since our three pillars are performance, fashion and technology we look to those areas for direction and creativity.” Designs include ombre-patterns, pixilation, camo, and of course stars. There is such a wide variety of patterns and prints to choose from, no matter what piece of activewear you are looking for, you will be sure to find something that fits your personal style.

Leggings hold a place in the hearts of gym enthusiasts– from yogis to elite power lifters, leggings are a workout essential. But leggings aren’t just for athletes, since on-the-go moms and onthe-move professionals embrace them when cultivating athleisure apparel into their wardrobe. Ultracor prides itself in guaranteeing a perfect fit. An added bonus is the incorporation of built-in shapewear using patent engineering to shape and enhance women’s natural features. The leggings sculpt your body by lifting your butt, flattening your stomach, and engaging your core. The company’s tech-savvy integration is seen through their use of one of a kind bonding technology to create a seamless and cuttingedge design. Merging performance and fashion is paramount and separates them from the rest. “The Knockout” leggings have attracted a cult following. Upon its launch in 2017, the “star scattered” print made waves across the internet. They were selling out quickly. Online store Bandier, reported an impressive 500-person waitlist to get a pair. The leggings caused an all-out celestial-fever among fans and have been worn by celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Kelly Ripa, and Emma Roberts along with several popular Instagram influencers. Since then, The Knockout leggings remain one of Ultracor’s best-selling items holding its place as a fan favorite and remaining one of the line’s staple pieces. Ultracor has further developed the leggings and will still further evolve the line. Some of the past evolutions have experimented with a variety of different fabrics and bonding materials.

Ultracor stepped in to create a line that stands out against its competitors. Instead of wasteful fast fashion, Ultracor maintains a level of sustainability in the way their clothing is produced. They have developed processes free of water or chemicals, some of which are patented. Their clothing is also not mass-produced. The company strives to maintain an overall small on-hand inventory by only producing products as ordered. Since its launch, the company has continued to evolve and grow by cutting down its carbon footprint by an impressive 95%. Ultracor’s track record holds high standards and has led to an upswing of achievements. Their self-proclaimed biggest accomplishment is that the company is already operating profitably and successfully as a total proof of concept. “The business model has proven to be successful–holding zero inventory, produced domestically and without the use of chemicals, water or negatively impactful demands on the environment,” said the company. However, they said their most recent achievement is the development and launch of their newest Hypersonic™ product. The patent-pending product is made to not only boost performance but also allow for a much faster recovery period between workouts. To do this, they have incorporated Compression 360™ technology, which, upon movement, creates an increased amount of oxygen to muscles because of a constant ebb and flow of compression and release. Ultracor’s success hasn’t always come easy. The Covid-19 pandemic made operation quite challenging in the past year. Like many other small businesses, operations had to change quickly in the beginning and be moved more remotely to function. Ultracor said their team has come together to continue their operation, taking the necessary precautions needed during the production process. It has been a learning curve, but they are making their way through it day by day. The fashion brand wants to leave a lasting impression as it moves forward. Ultracor says, “We’ve continued exploring new design innovations and techniques, and we’ve actually received patents on some of the technologies. We want to influence how the fashion industry looks at clothing, less as a mass production and more as quality.”

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