An Afternoon of Champagne and Cake.

Sunday afternoon before going to the Rosewood London Cabaret, I joined some fellow bloggers at Lancaster London for afternoon tea. Basically my entire day consisted of drinking champagne and eating cake. IT WAS AMAZING.

The lovely Melanie from Sunny in London organized the tea, and she did such a wonderful job! I first met Melanie at my birthday party back in April, and I've seen her a few times since but it had been a while, so I was really looking forward to a catch up. After chatting with Melanie Chef Ben Purton came and chatted to me for a bit and talked to me about what they're doing at Lancaster. I admitted to him that I actually can't stand tea, but he told me to taste the Novus Wild Encounter...and you know what? I loved it so much I finished two pots of it all by myself! It was a really fruity one that had figs, mango, and pomegranate in it. 

After chatting to Chef Ben I then spotted Aftab, and he gave me a wave and came over to say hello. Aftab has been tweeting and following me for a while now, and it was so lovely to finally meet him and the lovely Kelly. Before we knew it it was time to take our seats at the huge table, and we spent the entire afternoon nattering away about everything and anything!

The room was light and bright and perfect for photos, there was a beautiful big Christmas tree in the corner, and we had a wonderful view over Hyde Park. What more could we want?! Oh, right, food ;)

Just look at how amazing our afternoon tea feast was! All washed down with Laurent-Perrier Rosé Champagne and my pink tea! We even got to try the Lancaster hotels 'Christmas Pudding' scones, with their homemade marmalade and clotted cream. Delish! Sadly by this time the light outside was starting to go and it was becoming increasingly difficult to get good photos (I'm still trying to get used to the manual mode on my camera)!

I just loved meeting some lovely new bloggers and catching up with some old ones. I also discovered that Aftab is almost as good as me at posing for the camera (see below). It was a truly lovely afternoon and I can't wait until the next event!

Photo thanks to Aftab

Photo thanks to Aftab

Photo thanks to Aftab

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