Barbour Watch Launch & LCW 2014.

Last week Barbour launched their new watch collection. Edd and I went along to the launch, and were greeted with flutes of champagne while the lovely people of Barbour took us through the collection. I fell in love with both the purple and tartan watches (you'll find out which one I chose at the end!), and was shocked at how large the collection is.

Barbour women's watch launch london
Barbour actually dabbled in the watch industry years ago back in the eighties, however this time around they mean business. The watches each have solid Swiss Movement, and the time pieces start at just £125, rising to £300. Each watch has elements of the British brand, from tartan to quilted leather, to metal.

Barbour watch launch london
The signature watch is the £300 men's Beauson Leather Strap watch. A beauty if ever you saw one.

Barbour Men's Beauson Leather Strap Watch

barbour covent garden london

barbour womens watch
As well as material and leather straps, they also have a wide range of more traditional metal watches, and a good variety of thin and thick bracelets. Apparently quite a lot of women are actually buying the men's watches for themselves, and from looking at them, many of the watches are actually quite unisex.

So which one did I go for? The Tartan Fell Watch. I decided to go for it as it's a bit different, and I love how every tartan fell watch is slightly different from another, each one has a unique tartan design.

Barbour tartan fell watch

After the Barbour event we then headed on to Be At One just down the street in Covent Garden, for the London Cocktail Week launch of the new ABSOLUT Cherry flavour. After throwing some shapes on the dance floor with the marketing teams for Be At One and ABSOLUT, as well as far too many Cherry flavoured cocktails, we stumbled across the cobbles of Covent Garden back to the train station just in time for the last train home. All in all an excellent night getting to hear all about some awesome new products!

Be At one ABSOLUT cherry launch London Cocktail Week

Be At one ABSOLUT cherry launch for London Cocktail Week

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