Palm Sunsets on a Caribbean Island & Barbados.

The sunsets on Palm Island were pretty special. Rach and I are both used to the absolutely breathtaking sunsets of Western Australia, but these ones definitely rivaled even those! On a couple of nights we went down to the beach to take photos, so I thought I'd share some of them with you. I don't do many fashion/ootd posts, but I am completely in love with this Topshop Maxi dress I got at the start of summer. It's so perfect for evenings on the beach.

Naturally as we were on Palm Island we had to get some palm trees in some of the photos!

The second night we went to the beach for sunset it was mindblowingly impressive. It was just stunning. The colours were incredible and so vivid!

After watching the sunset we went for dinner and then we'd perch ourselves at the bar and have Kendol and Shac make us our favourite cocktails for a coupla hours or so! It was a blissful week full of rest and relaxation. It was a pretty perfect week, and I'm so glad I got to share it with one of my best friends. It was definitely the best girls trip ever, and we both agreed that Swimming with Sea Turtles was the best experience of the whole trip!

When we left Palm Island the management and some of the guests we made friends with waved us off at the jetty, and Ed (the assistant manager) came on the boat with us to Union Island!

On my way back to London I had five hours between my flights, so I went to Rach's hotel in Barbados with her (she was staying overnight before flying to NYC the next day), dropped off my suitcase, then we got a 'reggae bus' in to Oistins. We had no idea where we were going! 

Walking down the alleyway to the bus stop

We walked down a tiny little alleyway and eventually found the bus stop, and as we saw the white van with the maroon number '11' approaching Rachael got a bit worried, but it turned out to be AWESOME fun! (watch the vlog below!)

We sat at the back of the van and music pumped out loudly while the bus men drank bottles of beer. We got off at Oistins and were hit by the smell of rotting seaweed and fresh fish. Yumsk. It was muggy and hot and we didn't fancy sitting outside and eating fish amongst the smell of rotting seaweed, so we instead chose to experience Barbados fast food. Enter, Chefette. Oh my days. The chicken here was amazing, and I had the best Oreo milkshake of my life. Plus the waitresses uniforms made me feel like I was in the 1950s. It cost us an insane amount because we used US dollars, but it was so worth it. Also everyone stared at us and it made us feel like aliens or celebrities or something.

Oistins, Barbados

Rach and I on the balcony of her hotel room

After a quick hour in Oistins I reluctantly collected my suitcase, said goodbye to Rach, and got my flight back to London. Thankfully being upgraded to Premium Economy softened the sadness a little (thanks Virgin Holidays!). 

Writing these posts has been so lovely, I've loved sharing this amazing journey with you all, and do hope you'll stick around to see what 2016 has in store for me! (and the rest of 2015...I have Paris, Krakow, and the Lake District all before January 1st arrives).

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I was a guest of Palm Island throughout my stay. You can find out more about staying at this incredibly special luxury private island on their website, and you can book the brilliant all-inclusive package which includes flights through Virgin Holidays here. As always all opinions (and accompanying emotions and cry-sessions) are my own.

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