Top 10 Dream Luxury Destinations.

As I'm currently in one of my Top 10 Dream Luxury Destinations (Palm Island in St Vincent and The Grenadines), I thought I'd share with you my other nine! There's a total mixture from around the world, all of them on my ultimate luxury destination list, and I'd love to know what's on yours!

1. Antarctica
Antarctica has long been on my 'ultimate dream' list. I would absolutely love to go on an Antarctic cruise with all of my camera gear and see icebergs and the ice-covered landscape.

2. Russia
If you've seen my 2015 Travel Wish List then you'll already know about this one. It's firmly on my list, and with the Bourgeoisie opulence everywhere you turn, this luxury destination is right near the top. I have my eye on the Ritz Carlton in Moscow and the Four Seasons in St Petersburg!

3. Fiji
The private resort of Laucala Island in Fiji is a total dream, but definitely one for a special occasion with rooms ranging in price from £3,027 to £5,807 p e r  n i g h t.

4. An Italian Roadtrip
I am longing for a luxury north Italian roadtrip. I want to start at Verona, wind through the Italian roads down to Florence, before going up to Portofino and Genoa, and then on to Lake Como for the grand finale! 

5. Skiing in Switzerland
After skiing in the Slovakian High Tatry Mountains earlier this year made me realize that actually, skiing is fun, I would absolutely love to head to the Swiss Alps and stay at the Gstaad Palace. It looks insanely beautiful.

6. New York City
Again, this is one from the 2015 Wish List. I'm hoping this one will be ticked off in 2016, I have a pretty epic East Coast roadtrip planned (Miami - NYC), but now I just need to convince my friends that it's worth parting with thousands of their hard earned cash... :| 

7. Galapagos
How incredible would it be to step on a land almost untouched since Darwin himself arrived there?! I'd love to see the wildlife for myself - hello Blue Footed Boobies! (coolest name ever?)

8. Monaco
Monte Carlo looks so dreamy. Champagne, fast cars, and luxury hotels galore all in one tiny country by the ocean. It is literally my idea of heaven and would be such a perfect weekend break.

9. The Middle East
Ever since I went to Egypt back in 2011 I've wanted to tour around the Middle East. It's so exotic. I'd love to visit Israel, Jordan, Dubai, Qatar, and Oman. 

10. St Vincent and The Grenadines
Obviously this one had to be on here, even though I'M HERE RIGHT NOW!! I've been so excited for months about this, could you tell from the amount of times I've mentioned it?! I'm currently soaking up the sun on the private island of Palm Island, which is owned by Elite Island Resorts. 

What are your Top Luxury Destinations? I'd love to know! If you need some inspiration take a look at this awesome article about the Most Expensive Places to Visit in the World, which includes some really exceptional locations!

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