Accelero For Accelerators

Accelerating, Simplified

The Accelero Accelerator Platform increases qualified applications, manages the application process, and makes your cohorts happy.

Increase applications

We are the world’s largest network connecting the early stage ecosystem, with nearly ten thousand new founders joining every month from around the world. The Accelero Accelerator Platform seamlessly gets your application in front of the right founders at the right time.


Your application processes - all in one place

Manage all of your accelerators, programs, and applications from a single cloud-based dashboard. Experience our friendly, easy-to-use platform designed for the entire process - from application through evaluation.

Customizable Applications
Design each of your application forms to your specification.
Customizable Screening Process
Add custom evaluation stages and criteria.
Customizable Criteria
Specify custom evaluation criteria to meet your internal processes.
Unlimited Programs
Effortlessly expand as you launch new programs.
Unlimited Applications
Open as many applications as your programs demand.
Unlimited Evaluators
Invite as many team members and experts as needed.
Unlimited Entries
Receive thousands of applications, and grow with your program.
Send Feedback
Establish private Q&A sessions with founders and evaluators.

Integrates with your favorite tools

Automatically sync your applications on Accelero with your existing tools. From Email Marketing to CRM, the Acceleor Accelerator Platform works with 500+ external services.

Incorporation & Equity Management

By opening your accelerator program on Accelero, your cohorts have access to Accelero, our platform for entrepreneurs to incorporate, run, and grow high-growth companies. Designed by experienced startup founders, investors, and lawyers, Acceleroh will help your cohorts start and run companies optimized for investment.

Start with

Incorporation & Formation as a Delaware C-Corporation
Online Cap Table Management & Stock Issuances
Founder Community & Dedicated Support

Add on

Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Tax Prep Services
Introductions & Monthly Credits for Top Law Firms
AWS Credits & More Partner Discounts

Benefits for your founders

Attracting and managing applications is just the beginning. The Accelero Accelerator Platform has integrated benefits for your founders representing hundreds of thousands of dollars in acceleration support, in addition to seamless access to thousands of professional accredited investors, all of whom are eager for qualified startups.

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