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One investment gives you exposure to more than 200 startups
Facebook, Google and Amazon were all once venture-backed startups. Investing in the Accelero Fund gives you the chance to invest in the next generation of tech startups.
Index early-stage venture capital
 Instant Diversification Led by Angels & VCs Like an Index Fund
One investment gets you exposure to 200+ investments. Funds invest in deals negotiated and led by select angels and venture capital firms. Get exposure across multiple sectors, stages and geographies.

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FinTech Life Sciences Consumer Crypto
The investors mentioned above are better known syndicate leads with expertise within the associated sector. Their inclusion on this page is indicative only and does not reflect any investments that the Access Fund IV may make.
Access Fund deals are selected by industry veterans.
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 Syndicate Fund Consumer Fund Enterprise Fund


Private single-deal VC funds led by top angels

What's a syndicate?

A syndicate is a VC fund created to make a single investment. They are led by experienced technology investors, and financed by institutional investors and sophisticated angels.

Syndicates are private. Investors can participate by applying to back a lead or investing in a fund.

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200+ active syndicate leads

Syndicate leads are experienced angel investors with a track record of successful technology investments. Like general partners at a VC fund, leads source investments, conduct due diligence, and secure allocations.

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Founders: Partner with a syndicate

Close funding from a value-add angel. Get more capital with fewer meetings.

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Investors: Lead a syndicate

Earn carry on your investments and multiply your returns by 5x.

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Investors: Invest in syndicates

Get access to high-quality proprietary deal flow from experienced investors.

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