Limitless Companies Index, ETF, Exchange


The Limitless Organizations (LLO) ETF seeks to track the investment results of an LLO INDEX composed of developed and emerging market companies that are spearheading 21st Century Organizations by creating or using exponential technologies and disruptive business models.


LLO INDEX is designed to provide global exposure to companies identified as leaders across following key areas of technological transformation undergoing doubling growth every 12 months. 

  1. Big Data and Analytics.
  2. Nanotechnology.
  3. Bioinformatics.
  4. NanoMedicine.
  5. Neuroscience / Neurotech.
  6. Networks and Computer Systems.
  7. Clean Energy and Environmental Systems.
  8. Robotics.
  9. 4-D printing.
  10. Financial Services Innovation.
  11. Sensors and IOT Platform.
  12. Machine Learning and deep Learning.
  13. BlockChain.
  14. M2M.
  15. Quantum Computing.
  16. Smart Dust.
  17. Neuromorphic Hardware.
  18. Brain Computer Interface.
  19. Smart Workspace.
  20. Augmented Data Discovery.
  21. Edge Computing.
  22. Smart Robots.
  23. Nanotube Electronics.
  24. Cognitive Computing.
  25. Commercial UAVs.
  26. Cognitive Expert Advisors.
  27. Enterprise Taxonomy and Ontology Management.
  28. Vertical Lift for Airplanes.
  29. Interplanetary Elevator.
  30. Supersonic Transport System.
  31. Spacetime Warping Vehicle.
  32. Food for Space.
  33. Solar Sails.
  34. Space Robots.
  35. Deep Space Recycling.
  36. Force Fields.
  37. Food Tech.
  38. Thought Telephony.
  39. Warp Drives.
  40. Atomic Powered Clocks.
  41. Faster Than Light.
  42. Cross Domain Use Cases with Infinite Potential*. 

*Use Cases for eg  Robotics “deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Advances in robotics, specifically when combined with other exponential technologies, have seemingly infinite potential applications, spanning technology, industrial, medical, and consumer-facing channels. 

These companies, which also cross industry sectors such as manufacturing, financial services and healthcare, have the potential to profoundly transform society and may offer substantial investment growth opportunities. 


LLO Index focuses on finding high-growth companies that are in the early stages of developing technologies that are expected to have a broad impact on society and transform how we live and work. 

The index, shall also comprise of the Top 100 limitless Companies in Exponential Times and differs from other tech-focused indexes in a few important ways.

For one, the holdings are not limited to the tech sector as the Moore's Law, Rose's and the Doubling Pattern have expanded to every economic sector. They can come from any sector, as long as they are poised to benefit from one or more of the exponential tech themes.

  • Innovation Leaders: Access 21st Century Global Companies with significant exposure to key areas of technological transformation.
  • Focus on Technology Producers & Users: The fund’s index uses a unique evaluation process to identify companies developing and/or leveraging promising technologies. 
  • Spans Global Sectors: Look to capture potential growth from firms driving technological advances across all areas of the economy by its unique doubling pattern tracker.
  • Fast Growing: Investors looking for a basket of companies with exposure to fast-growing technology themes can consider LLO ETF.
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