Impact Investing Services

Our experience in the impact investing space allows our practitioners to bring:

  • Experience from “blueprint to scale”: We provide leading strategic advisory services, as well as a range of “downstream” support services, including world class data and analytics capabilities to clients spanning private, public, and non-profit sectors. Our associates around the world can offer support ranging from strategic advisory services (or “blueprints”), to the design and launch of investment vehicles, infrastructure development, and measurement services. This experience uniquely positions the SFO to bring a strategic and aspirational view to the table that is rooted in a deep understanding of market realities.
  • A proven track record in impact investing, enterprise development & entrepreneurship: We have completed over 75 projects around the world with players across the impact investing ecosystem, their practitioners work across an array of sectors, including housing, financial inclusion, water, and agriculture in developing , and developed markets alike, a track record that delivers a broad view on the market and deep insight into leading models and practices.  Are these the same?
  • A global delivery platform and network: Active presence in over 150 countries around the world equips SFO to deploy the right practitioners quickly, disregarding what the markets of focus are. In addition, a global network of internal and external impact investing professionals allows member firms to cross-fertilize best practices and models across markets.

Integrated Support: From Blueprint to Scale

Developing dynamic impact investing strategies that account for the ground realities of the field while anticipating future growth is complicated, regardless of where one operates along the investment “value chain”. SFO has a role to play in this emerging space as a leading global professional services organization. Practitioners at SFO have global cross-sector expertise—and offer solution sets designed to help clients address their top of mind challenges and move from “blueprint to scale”.

Top of Mind Challenges

  • Move beyond an early-stage ecosystem
  • Establish and find “investor-ready” enterprises
  • Prepare for the future and manage performance and risk
  • Manage a “double or triple bottom line”

Solution Sets

  • Adaptive Strategies: Strategic advisory for investors, social enterprises, intermediaries and field-builders
  • Innovative Models: Financing mechanisms and structures, including social impact bonds
  • Scaling Social Enterprises: Strategies to accelerate the growth of social and impact enterprises
  • Measuring Impact: Performance measurement, reporting and analytics support
  • Market Building: Strengthening the impact investing ecosystem, including “aligned action” services
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