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Developing leaders to achieve the unexpected

In the next 10 years, half of the companies on the S&P 500 will be replaced. Some will be acquired. Some will merge with other businesses. But many will simply be overtaken—by technology, by shifting business models, and by the competition. How can you ensure your survival? With the right leadership.

Leadership matters now more than ever before

One of the most important differentiators for any business is how their people lead. In fact, organizations with effective leaders are two to three times more likely to outperform their peers financially, while those perceived to have ineffective leadership experience an equity discount of almost 20 percent. And yet, despite this, barely one in 10 companies believe that they do an excellent job developing leaders.

How can you develop extraordinary leaders? SFO can help you unlock the power of leadership through bold human capital solutions that prepare your company to innovate and respond to change. We create value through context-driven leadership solutions based on real-life business challenges. Our development programs combine immersive learning, cross-industry dialog, peer exchanges, and discussions with subject matter experts to provide more relevant and impactful experiences for your leaders.

Our Leadership Solutions 

  1. Executive Readiness - Accelerate executive performance
  2. Building a leadership pipeline - Develop leaders at all levels
  3. Leading Transformation - Prepare leaders to transform your business . 

What makes SFO different?

The SFO ecosystem
We understand the changing business landscape including how technology is changing the world of work. We bring our diverse network of subject matter experts and alliance partners to address your leadership challenges.


Leading transformation
We are the world experts in designing and implementing transformational change and understand how leaders need to change as a result of those transformations.

End-to-end leadership solutions
We have subject matter experts in identifying and assessing talent, developing leaders, performance management, career pathing, and learning platforms to help organizations create holistic leadership capability.

Research-based & innovative solutions
We combine our research-based knowledge with real-time business advising.

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