SFO Projects

  • SFO Projects is an institutional mechanism for funding and expedited resolution of issues and regulatory bottlenecks in projects with investments.
  • SFO Projects seeks to enlist the unresolved project issues in respect of all mid and large sized Public, Private and ‘Public–Private Partnership’ (PPP) Projects and takes up
    • Fast-Tracking of Approvals.
    • Sectoral Policy Issues.
    • Removal of Bottlenecks.
    • Souring Of Technology.
    • Detailed Engineering.
    • Expeditious Commissioning.
  • SFO’s services are suitable for all types of Infrastructure Projects in either Greenfield (Pre Operations Stage) or Brownfield (Operations Stage) including but not limited to Sea Ports, Airports, Railway, Bridges, Roads and Highways, Water and Sanitation Utilities, Energy, Communications, Hospitals, Schools and Social Infrastructure etc. This includes other projects or activities that impact positively on the relevant country’s basic infrastructure including the manufacturing of components used in infrastructure (such as cement and steel) and infrastructure associated with mining and agribusiness
  • There are several projects from key sectors for which SFO Projects undertakes issue resolution. The projects are largely from the infrastructural nature, however SFO accepts projects from all sectors, as long as they meet the threshold requirement. These projects typically emanate from sectors such as:
    • Road Transport & Highways (Roads, Tunnels, Automotive Proving Grounds, Road Safety, Road Amenities, Bridges etc).
    • Railways (Metros, Subway, BroadGuage, MeterGuage, Narrow Huae, Funicular, High Speed Trains, Tracks, Electrification, Rolling Stock, Freight Services etc).
    • Civil Aviation (MRO, FTO, Cargo Terminals, Courier Terminals, Aerotropolis, Drones, Airports, Space Transport, Reusable Rockets, Space Ships, Space Shuttle Bases, Amphibian Airports etc).
    • Inland Waterways, Ports and Shipping ( Ports, Ships, Waterways both Inland & High Sea Waterways, Cargo Terminals for bulk and liquids, Ferries, Amphibian Planes, Harbour Facilities, Dredging, OffShore Surface Infrastructure, SubSea Infrastructure etc).
    • Chemicals, Fertilizers and Petrochemicals ( Production, Supply Chains, Distribution, Value Chains etc ).
    • Defense ( Land, Air, Water, Space, Biological, Chemical, Spatial ).
    • Power (Smart Grid, Smart Meters, Chargers, Batteries, LED Bulb and Lighting Program, Motor Replacement, EV, Energy Efficient Pumps, Building Energy, Super Efficient AC, Decentralized Solar, Solar Lamp, Generation, Transmission, Distribution).
    • Industry & Mines ( Resources, Production, Supply Chains, Distribution, Value Chains etc).
    • Cement, Construction and Steel (Production, Fabrication, Supply Chains, Distribution, Value Chains etc).
    • Urban Development (Real Estate, Physical Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure, Digitalization, Urban Mobility, Waste Grid, Water Grid, Energy, Hydrogen Grid, Solar, Piped Gas, Smart Cities, Logistics, Education, Healthcare etc).
    • Health and Family Welfare (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary Hospitals, Diagnostics, Telemedicine, Colleges etc).
    • Textiles (Yarns, Fiber, Fabric, Technical Textiles, Import Substitution etc)
    • Tourism (Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Travel, Sports, Adventure, MICE etc).
    • Telecommunication and IT Services (Wirelined, Wireless, Satellites, 4th Industrial Revolution Infrastructure etc).
The issues taken up by SFO Invest are both at Union and State-Level. These include:

Union Ministries
  • Environment, Forest and Wildlife Clearances.
  • Eco Sensitive Zone clearance.
  • Tree cutting permission.
  • Grant of Working permission by forest Department.
  • Approval for private railways siding construction.
  • Industrial License Permission.
  • Road Crossing of Pipelines/Transmission lines.
  • Grant of Right of Way.
  • Shifting of Utilities.
  • Any other central government clearance/approval.
State Governments
  • Land Acquisition issues such as issue of Government Notifications/ Disbursement of - Compensation, transfer of title and handing over of possession of land and related issues.
  • Removal of encroachments.
  • Approval and implementation of Relief and Rehabilitation plan.
  • Issue of No Objection Certificate under Forest Rights Act.
  • Grant of Power and Water supply connections.
  • Grant/ Issue of Consent to Establish (COE) and Consent to Operate(COE) from State Pollution Control Board.
  • Transfer of Government Land.
  • Support of State Govt agencies for Law and Order issues.
  • Grant of Right of Way/ Right of Use permission.

Any other State Govt Clearance/ Approval.


  • We at SFO are working along with UN / Foundations / Trusts Worldwide to introduce an innovative housing technology for the tribes in India. We are taking this to every other country as well which needs such solutions.
  • The Tribal Housing Project aims to construct 1 Million new houses ( Phase 1 ) for the homeless tribes across India at a cost of Rs. 51 Thousand Crores ( 7 Bn USD ). 
  • We also runs their programs for the following
    • The tribal people do not have their own capital . Hence they need skilling to generate job based revenue. This is provided by the trust.
    • Women empowerment program is run.
    • Health program is run.
    • Education programs are run.
    • Companies are partnered to grow medicinal plants and buy back from the tribals.
    • Thus not just house, but supporting a life is facilitated.
    • What more spiritual journey can one undertake than to support human lives which cannot even live basic human rights properly.
  • Similar and bigger subsequent phases are also planned.
    -Read more about SFO's Rural Transformation Initiatives here .
    -Read more about SFO's CSR Initiatives here .
    -Read more about SFO's Sustainability Initiatives here .
    -Read more about SFO Foundation Initiatives here .

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